Friday, 18 April 2014

Cosmetic Surgery: Get the Motivation & Expectations Right

The world is becoming very look-centric and beauty conscious. Most of us want to look good and well as long as we can. The media and celebrities are presenting role models to the masses, who personify beauty and youthfulness. There are gyms and health fitness centres available at every block.
In the same way plastic surgery to look good has become as common as a treatment for a minor ailment. The number of physicians doing these surgeries has grown manifold in the last decade, in response to the people who are willing to go under the knife. There is a wide range of reasons for getting a plastic surgery done. Some do not want to look aged and others want to get rid of stubborn sagging skin after a diet regime.
Let’s have an in-depth analysis of Cosmetic Surgery.
1. Critical Factors – What Compels People To Go For Cosmetic Surgery?
Some women cannot adjust to the way their bodies look after having a child and want to go back to looking like before. In some cases it starts affecting their self confidence and they decide to go for a cosmetic surgery. Although fewer people are aging gracefully now, as more and people want to look young now. A plastic surgery can sometimes motivate a person to have a healthy lifestyle and continue looking good. Motivational factors include-
·         To look good for personal or professional reasons
·         To change a particular feature
·         Some want to do it for their self esteem
·         Others don’t like their mirror image
·         Some don’t get the desired results from a fitness pattern
·         Worried from the comments of close associates
·         Insecurity in a relationship
·         Willingness to make a fresh start in life

2. Actual Statistics
More and more people are feeling comfortable to go in for a plastic surgery nowadays. This scientific field has undergone tremendous advancements in terms of technology and concepts. The whole approach to aging especially on the face had undergone a revolution. Nowadays, lasers are being used for facial treatments and techniques with minimum invasiveness are being preferred for the body, breasts and the face. The recovery time has reduced considerably and the results are much more natural than earlier.
3. Expectations
Opting for a cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice and should be taken after thorough research and reasoning. It is a voluntary decision and is often driven by a mixed bag of social and emotional factors. When somebody decides to opt for surgery he should first run the following ideas in his or her mind-
·         It has dramatic and obvious benefits
·         Even a surgery cannot make a person perfect and the results will never  be exactly the way the patient had perceive them
·         It will only be able to reshape the body not the mind or life

·         It will not solve any personal problems
·         Always do it for yourself not for somebody
·         Have clear knowledge of the risks involved
Author Bio:

Dr. Tony is an international cosmetic surgeon, he often writes about the psychology behind getting cosmetic surgery. He has in-depth knowledge about the motivations and expectations that patients have from surgery. 

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