Sunday, 16 February 2014

How Buttock Augmentations Helps Achieve an Hourglass Figure

Have you tried squatting, cardio and lunges, but are still not able to get the right curves that you’ve desired for long? Fret no more, as cosmetic surgery experts now offer a great many ways for enhancing overall looks via butt augmentation surgery.
Despite all your best efforts of reducing weight, you don’t just get the right curves. But with butt augmentation you can now achieve what actually seemed impossible!
What is Butt Augmentation?
Buttock augmentation can be defined as a body sculpturing surgery, which is performed to enhance the prominence of and modify the shape of buttocks. During the process, implants are surgically positioned in the buttocks to boost their shape and size. This will eventually provide a highly appealing hour glass figure with great flattering curves.
About Butt Implants 
The Gluteal implants are typically artificial implants, which are used to boost the shape and size of buttocks. These artificial implants can either be custom made according to the need of the patients. These implants can be placed in various sections of the patients’ buttocks for enhancing the overall contour.
Ideal Candidates for Butt Augmentation
Most ideal candidates to undergo a butt augmentation treatment are the ones who are willing to enhance their overall appearance and the contour of their buttocks.
Butt Augmentation Procedure  
The correct procedure for butt augmentation involves incisions, which are to be made either in the bottom of the buttock (where the cheek meets the thigh) or in the folds between the buttocks. The implants are placed through an incision. In case of additional sculpting, Missoula liposuction is the option for removing excess fat.
Alternative to Butt Augmentation Surgery
While, butt augmentation is one of the best body sculpturing procedures, there are additional alternatives too. This might include a butt lift, which is performed to enhance the overall appearance of buttocks which tend to sag or droop due to aging or heavy weight loss. Another alternative is fat transfer injections, which are also used for enhancement purposes of the butt.
Major Advantages of Butt Augmentation Surgery

  •        It produces far more natural results as compared to many other alternatives
  •        Majority patients prefer the concept of using their own body fat
  •       This type of fat transfer generally reduces chances of fat rejection by the body
  •        Evenly distributed and small incisions generally result in a much smoother appearance
  •        The areas that are liposuctioned, appear much leaner due to the removal of fat

Major Disadvantages of Butt Augmentation Surgery
  •        Thinner patients might not have sufficient fat cells for undergoing the procedure
  •        There is also a possibility that the portion of transferred fat might get reabsorbed by the  body
  •        Patients are generally advised a special garment in order to control the risk of swelling for two weeks
  •        Patients are not even supposed to sit directly on their buttocks for a minimum of three weeks.

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