Monday, 3 March 2014

Why consider getting a butt lift – Procedural overview and advantage

Since time immemorial a woman with a voluptuous well defined back side is considered more desirable and fertile. Some of us can get the desired result by regular exercise and diet, the others have the option of going in for a butt lift. By a simple procedure that takes less than two hours you can be endowed with the look you had always wished for. A simple amalgamation of fat grafting and liposuction can fix the size and shape of the rear side. Let’s have a look at the procedure and its advantages.
1. Criterion of Selection
Most of the patients who opt for the surgery are in their mid 30s or in some cases late teens. Men have also been known to undergo this surgery to look more attractive. The main complaint to plastic surgeons NYC is of the butt either being too flat or too small. Fatty tissue is seen around the butt and lower back or thighs of the patient. A candidate with no fat cannot be considered as there is no fat available for injecting.
2. Overview
The procedure is done in two stages namely liposuction and lipoinjection.
·         In the first stage the fat from the patient’s body is collected by liposuction. The area below the butt, the lower back and other fatty areas are the main target. The fat collected from different areas is purified and stored under hygienic conditions for the next step.
·         In the second stage the fat pool is now injected back in the buttocks in a systematic manner to create a more rounded lower body shape.
·         Contrary to other enhancement surgeries there is no incision and no implants are introduced.
·         Your rear side is made to look lifted and rounded using your own fat cells, in less than two hours of surgery.
3. Post surgery
As in any other treatment the target area will be tender and recovery will take moderate time. The doctors usually prescribe painkillers for this period and sitting on your butt is totally forbidden for almost two weeks. This time is essential for the fat cells to start growing in their new location. Plastic surgeons in NYC are undertaking these procedures on a regular basis now.

4. Advantages of Butt Lift
Patients who fear going for a surgery or needles can opt for a butt lift without any fear. Take a look at the advantages-
·         It does not require any slit to be made in the skin and no foreign object is inserted.
·         The chances of an infection are minimum, as there is no cutting.
·         The chances of an allergic reaction are ruled out as the patient’s own fat cells are being transferred back into the body.
·         No risks or complications
·         It can be combined with other liposuction treatments very easily
·         When undertaken by an expert the effects could last up to 20 years.
5. Minimal Risks

As in any other surgery if the post surgery guidelines are not followed correctly they might put you in a risk position. Please understand the post care instructions carefully for a successful surgery. 

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