Thursday, 27 March 2014

Short Guide on Brazilian Butt Augmentation

A Brazilian butt lift improves the look of the buttocks without making them look artificial. It can increase their size, give a lift, and improve the contour and correct all balance issues. The process is totally safe as the fat from the patient’s body itself is used for the enhancement. As a result the fat specific areas like the abdomen, hips and thighs also stand to benefit from it. This procedure is best suited for healthy individuals with firm and elastic skin. Find enclosed the procedure and a short guide on Buttock augmentation.
1. Actual procedure
The whole procedure takes 90 minutes to four hours. It depends on the area under focus, the patient’s instructions and desire. The actual final shape at outcome and includes the process of Liposculpturing and autologous.
2. Liposculpturing
A fluid derived from the combination of local anesthesia and adrenalin is injected in the area from where the fat is to be extracted. This effectively numbs that area and also helps in controlling the bleeding.
3. Fat Transfer or Autologous
The fat removed in the earlier step is kept is made sterile, washed and processed with a double antibiotic solution. It is then stored in syringes and kept in a hygienic environment. During the procedure the syringes are attached to particular cannulas, which make the injection of fat into the muscle and fat of the buttock, to make it look like a classic Brazilian buttock.
4. Pre Surgery Preparation
Before you decide to go in for the surgery, have an open discussion with the surgeon and ask all the valid questions that come to your mind. Let him be fully aware of your medical history, any allergies that you might have and all medications that you are presently taking. Take care of the following to ensure you have a speedy recovery-
·         Stop any use of aspirin or any medication inclusive of Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, St. John’s Wort, Vitamin E, and other supplements right away. Follow the list of salts to be avoided very strictly.
·         Two weeks before the procedure stop smoking and avoid in the recovery stage too.
·         Increase your water intake before liposculpturing.
·         Keep your family or close relative informed so that you can be taken care of.
·         Keep details of medications other essentials close to your recovery area and well within reach.
·         Stock up on pillows and hand towels for post surgery recovery.
5. Post Surgery Care
A lot of care needs to be taken after a Buttock augmentation procedure to ensure speedy recovery. Be ready for swelling, pain and bruising and loss of any sensation in the buttocks. The swelling might take a few months to go and you will see the actual results only after that period is over. Plastic surgeons advise patients to avoid sitting on their bottoms for at least first two weeks. Showering is allowed after third day, however normal activities can be resumed only after a week or so.

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