Thursday, 27 March 2014

Facelifts: Prepare Well and Follow Aftercare Instructions

When deciding to go in for a plastic surgery, consult a well reputed doctor who can satisfy all your queries and give you complete details of the procedure. Recovery times can vary from person to person, but are generally two to three weeks. Plan a surgery only when you will be able to take such a long break from work or other responsibilities. Resting during the recovery period without any distractions and with help from a friend are most critical. Let’s have a look at the before and after care instructions of a facial rejuvenation.
1. Initial Preparation
A good surgeon will first take complete details of the patients medical history before taking a decision on his or her surgery. A person with the following ailments or habits is not advisable to go for a facelift surgery.
·         If the patient is suffering from hypertension, and it is not under control
·         If the patient is a smoker. Since smoking can interfere with the healing process
·         If the patient has a history of ketoid scars and hypertropic scars.
·         If the patient has a history of bleeding and slow clotting rate.
The patient should not hide anything from the surgeon and give him complete details of the medication he is taking. Also mention any herbs or supplements that might be getting consumed on a daily basis.
2. Do’ and Don’t’s
The patient should follow the instructions from the doctor’s office very strictly. The guide lines on what to eat and what not to eat should be adhered to. Smokers should quit at least two weeks before the surgery. All intake of aspirin should be stopped a week before the surgery. In case of any confusion the patient should call up the doctor’s office immediately.
3. After Surgery Tips
You must organize the following before you go in for the surgery.
·         Decide on transport arrangements to go home.
·         Organize a nurse or a friend to stay with you for the first few days or a week at least.
·         Stock up on front opening shirts and blouses that will be easy to wear and take off.
·         Grow your hair to be able to hide the scars of the surgery later.
·         Identify an area where you will be able to recover and rest in peace.
·         Be sure to take before and after plastic surgery pictures.
4. Anesthesia
The surgery might be performed at a surgeons’ office in a hospital or in a surgery facility. In most cases the patient is allowed to go home the same day. The surgeon can best take the decision of keeping the patient in the hospital for a night or letting him go the same day.
·         In local anesthesia only the face is numbed and the patient is given a sedative to relax. The patient will be aware of the proceedings, painlessly.
·         In general anesthesia the patient’s whole body will be numbed and he or she will be asleep during the procedure. 

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