Monday, 31 March 2014

Some of the Best before and After Plastic Surgery Examples

Most celebrities deny going under the knife and want all to believe that they are naturally good looking. However, one look at their before and after plastic surgery pictures and the evidence spills out. Most of them have positive results others end up looking like a disaster.  Facial rejuvenation or a makeover in simple terms can bring about dramatic changes to a person’s personality. Find here a list of plastic surgeries that went well.
1. Diane Kruger
Diana is a well known fashion icon and an actress. She originally belongs to Germany and has an impeccable style of her own. When she got new implants they only added to her already perfect body.
2. Kate Beckinsale
She was always high up on any list of beautiful women. Her new nose job, along with a decent fix of the tooth veneers made her looks more classy and chic. It looks like she got a gum reduction too.
3. Scarlett Johansson
One of the most beautiful women on the planet today, Scarlett chose to get rid of her overly rounded nose and looks spectacular in the new one.
4. Michael Douglas
Even at 66 Michael Douglas, can make quite a few women miss a heartbeat. Despite his traumatic life he looks great in every situation. After his recent face lift he looks like a stylish aging Hollywood icon, with all the class of the yesteryears.
5. Ashlee Simpson
She is one of the best examples of facialrejuvenation. Although she looked very pretty in her Roman nose too, but the new slim and straight version, suits her more. It transformed her personality completely.
6. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer is known to have a thing for going under the knife. She readily admits that she has got two nose jobs done for a deviated septum. She is also known to be very open to face lifts, face fillers and Botox. But, we love the end result, so no hang ups there.
7. Geri Halliwell
Ginger Spice as we all know her was the most rounded in the famous girl band. She lost all her tissue due to excessive dieting. However, a set of saline implants suited her perfectly and make her look as good as new.
8. Lady Gaga
Excesses and going over board is the style statement of Lady Gaga. But she definitely controlled her herself by getting a nose job perfect for her. It suits her personality without making her look very different.
9. Tara Reid
After a not so good tummy tuck and breast implants, Tara surprised all her fans with a decent face makeover. All the fine lines around her eyes have disappeared and her nose looks very stylish.

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